Rural Touring

Cosgrave & Banks at Folk on the Moor

We are delighted to have been chosen for the Villages In Action menu for Autumn 2016, the rural touring scheme for East, West and South Devon.

Click here to see video (in two parts) of our 20 minute set at the Villages in Action menu launch, May 2016. 

Steve has played a lot of gigs over the years through the rural touring schemes up and down the country with the Carnival Band, and counts them among the most enjoyable concerts he has played: the informal, community atmosphere, the relatively small venues which give a great sense of contact between performers and audience.  With this experience, we know that Cosgrave & Banks is a perfect act for these village halls concerts.

We provide our own PA, we just need a power socket to plug into. We do not provide any lighting. Our concert suits intimate lighting; if your venue is not equipped for that, let us know, and we’ll see whether we can sort out some simple lighting between us.

Please see the Promoters page for info about our programme, posters and fliers for over-printing, blurb, and photos.

A minor correction to the Villages in Action printed May 2016 menu (the error was Steve’s, not ViA’s): neither of us need accommodation for ViA concerts, we both live near enough (Bovey Tracey, Stoke Gabriel) to get home after the gig.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch: email steve ‘at’, or phone Steve on 01803 782219.