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Below are images you can download, poster and fliers for over-printing and blurb for concert promotion.

Images you can download (right click on the image, and then select “copy image”. You can then paste it into a Word document, etc):

Cosgrave & Banks, 1 MB (this is the main photo we are using for publicity currently)

Cosgrave & Banks














Cosgrave & Banks (informal) 2MB

Cosgrave & Banks informal














Warp & Weft CD cover (26 Kb – for web use only)

warp & weft











Posters and Fliers for over-printing

Cosgrave & Banks A4 OverPrint May 2016 jpeg


A4 colour poster for over-printing – click here for 1 Mb PDF (right click, then “save as…” to download)






Cosgrave & Banks A5 OverPrint May 2016

A5 colour fliers for over-printing – click here for 640 Kb PDF (right click, then “save as…” to download)





Mike Cosgrave (Sin é, Jackie Leven, Jackie Oates) and Steve Banks (Maddy Prior & the Carnival Band,  Blue Jewel) have pooled their considerable musical talents and experience to form an exciting folk/acoustic duo, performing a smörgåsbord of beautiful music, traditional and contemporary, from Britain and Europe (mainly France, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe).  Their first CD, “Warp & Weft” is released 12.8.2016. “Two terrifically talented musicians bringing unexpected gems for our delight. Soulful and fun.”  — Maddy Prior.  “Superb playing and singing, all with a great sense of style and fun ! ” — Tom McConville.  “A truly captivating CD that touches the very depth of being as only music can.” — The Living Tradition.  “A delightfully eclectic album… Two incredible musicians, weaving threads of music together to create material that is greater than the sum of its parts…” – FATEA Magazine

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