Below is a video, in two parts, of Cosgrave & Banks performing a 1 hour set at Topsham Folk Club in June 2017 (please note, these videos were made just with an iPad; the sound quality is not what you will hear at a gig).  Further down the page are long excerpts from our debut CD, “Warp & Weft“, with much higher audio quality.


Below are two older videos, of Cosgrave & Banks performing at the Villages in Action menu launch, at Rattery Village Hall, 12.5.16 (please note, these videos were made just with an iPad; the sound quality is not what you will hear at a gig).

Further down the page are long excerpts from our debut CD, “Warp & Weft“.

warp & weft


Our debut CD, warp & weft will was released in summer 2016, and has received great reviews (see Reviews page). You can buy a copy from the shop on this website. You can listen to track excerpts below, and there are notes about the album here. Digital downloads are on sale at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other major online outlets.

Moscow (Moscow/Jovane Jovanke/Geamparle) – a great Russian tune, followed by an instrumental version of a popular Macedonian folk song, and a Rumanian dance.

Tjønneblomen (Waterlilly) – a beautiful tune by Norwegian Gjermund Haugen; with Steve playing Hardingfele, the national instrument of Norway. Mike heard it from the playing of Norwegian fiddler, Annbjørg Lien.

Ducks On Ice (Ducks On Ice / The Wrong Glasses)- two cracking tunes by Mike

Nightingale (Valse des Pastauriaux – by Jacky Molard, from Brittany / Sweet Nightingale -Cornwall). A “celtic coupling” of a lovely tune with the much loved Cornish folk song.

Oliver Schroer. Lovely tunes by the fantastic Canadian fiddler who sadly passed away in 2008.

The Maple’s Lament.  A beautiful song by American bluegrass singing fiddler Laurie Lewis. The violin is remembering the days when it was a living Maple tree.

Waltzes – Three contrasting takes on the waltz: Vals Micheline (trad French) / La Valsounette—Jacky Molard (Brittany) / Oaken Pin— a 5-time waltz by Steve Turner

Hårgalåten. Tune from a Swedish traditional song, which tells of a group of people who skip church on Sunday to go dancing in the hills instead.  A fiddler appears and offers to play for their dancing. Great ! How kind ! So he plays, they dance… and dance… he doesn’t stop, they can’t stop dancing… They notice, too late, that the fiddler has cloven hooves… they wear out their shoes, their feet, their legs, etc… until just a circle of skulls are left dancing on the ground !

Into The Day.  A song by Steve, inspired by a painting by his friend Ron Pyatt, which shows a tree in the centre, with night on the left, day on the right, and by Ron’s journey through a life-threatening illness.

Herr Roloff.  A set of great Scottish tunes: Herr Roloff’s Farewell (James Scott Skinner) – The Duke of Roxborough’s Farewell to the Blackmount Forest (Angus McKay) – The Mathematician (James Scott Skinner)

You can also listen to our first ever gig, 4.7.15, in its entirety, on the Promoter’s page.


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